This workshop belongs to every human being who is interested in visual arts(painting) or in any other art form or any human being who wishes to find the inner -self or going through any kind of personal or professional quest.

This workshop is a persistence to rediscover the relationship between human and nature, to find the eternity in our life and art too. Though art is nothing more than the reflection of our sensational perspectives.

I do firmly believe that, for every artist and human being is it very essential to find the belonging in the nature (cosmos) and that needs a silent internalization of knowing the things in a very discursive form.

The primary purpose of the workshop would be understanding the vision of an individual and then following the process of finding the inner- self through the Catharsis and then defining the presence of that individual in the nature. This workshop is all about finding (discovering/re-discovering / mapping out the cause-effect phenomenon) through the synthesis of logic (thesis-outer) and soul (anti-thesis-inner).

The workshop has been scheduled for twenty-one days (online / residential). Though this workshop is all about “individual to individual” conversation (dialogues) therefore, only an individual would be enrolled at a time.

Note-Over the time, we have been receiving so many requests from the artist of various disciplines, young emerging artist and prolific individuals to become part of the workshop. Therefore, from January 2020, we are deeply honoured to make it official now.

For any enquiry regarding the workshop please do mail us on the mail address which is mentioned below.

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